Meet our storyteller

Meet our storyteller at over dinner. We invite you to dinner in our home so that you can get to know the traditional evening meal in a family environment.
You will enjoy exclusive insights of the country, the culture its people and their habits. We will also provide you further information about:

  • Habits; how do Icelanders celebrate Christmas and Easter? What about special traditions from the old days that endure? Join us at and find out.
  • Food and beverages
  • The mystery of the famous “Northern lights”
  • The hidden treasures in our natural unspoilt environment
  • The volcanoes and geothermal energy
  • The magnificient lava caves
  • The geology
  • The economy
  • The agriculture
  • Wildlife in Iceland
  • Fishing in Iceland, (salmon, trout or ocean angling)
  • How to travel safely on glaciers or in the highlands
  • The unique history and language

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